IM survey / iPod giveaway

Hey folks

I'm helping one of my French clients find frequent instant messenger users, to take their survey...  It takes 15 minutes and there's a pretty good chance you'll win an iPod (they're giving away 10, and I expect less then 200 respondents, so go figure...)

So if you're a regular instant messenger user, take it and register to win here:

ALSO- please spread the word to any frequent IM users you know.



PS-  They're not selling anything, and they won't spam you, advertise to you or share your contact information with anyone else. This is early research to drive their product development ideas.


I received a cute little iPod for ex-mass. Tasty...

As a result of that (and of finally having extra time) I've finally started playing with audioscrobbler.

I'd love to hear from any Seattle friends who are on! I want to hear what great new tunes you're tuning into up there. I'm username cheesebikini on audioscrobbler, hook up and drop me a line...

Happy new year.


Q: What is it that the rich man puts in his pocket that the poor man throws away?

A: Snot.

(From Rubbish Theory by Michael Thompson)

MacLeod's Creativity Tips

I usually have no stomach for the reams of neurotic, self-absorbed "self-help" literature that Americans consume every year. But cartoonist/ad-man Hugh MacLeod makes a lot of good points in his set of weblog posts called "How to be creative."

I think we all know many of these things intuitively, but MacLeod's clear and clever reminders might help keep things on track. Czechy doubt.